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Last night I went to the movies to see “Star Trek Into Darkness.”  I typically wait a week or two after a movie debuts because I dislike crowds.

I was sitting quietly, and couldn’t help but notice that everyone in the rows ahead had a smartphone in hand.  And to a person, all were mesmerized as their nimble fingers frantically fed them news from email to weather to posts about Julian Assange and the whereabouts of their latest heartthrobs on

It was like a race to see who could rack up the biggest tally on a hot new gameshow, Infobytemania.

Then, only moments away from declaring a winner, the lights dimmed and all contestants turned their gaze to the big, silver screen up front.

Relief!  All that digital hoo-ha was cooking my brain.

Hey, it’s the Internet, where you can get anything you want.

Anything you want!

And that, my good entrepreneur, is what you’re up against when all you’re asking for is a few minutes to tell your story.

Wait a second.  A few minutes?   Uh, uh.  No, no, no.

You see, you have only 9 seconds to make your pitch before your listener becomes distracted.


That’s right.  If you fail to get noticed in those first 9 seconds, you lose.  Bye, bye.  No sale.  Go home.

Enter Sally Hogshead, author of Fascinate and developer of the Fascination Advantage test, the culmination of three years of research in neurology, evolutionary biology, history and linguistics.

And exhaustive market research, ongoing validation and refinement.

After examining the results from over 150,000 test takers, Sally can show you how to harness your unique personality profile to turn those 9 seconds into successful promotions and a dramatic increase in sales.  And clients will pay you up to 10 times your already established fees!

If you’re in the corporate world, the Fascination Advantage can create synergism between the members of your team.  And help your employees work more efficiently and productively.

Better yet, you can expect more satisfying relationships outside the office and at home.

So what are we talking about?  Some kind of newfangled, super-duper Myers-Briggs evaluation?

Well no, in fact, nothing of the sort.

The Myers-Briggs and other personality type tests assess how you perceive the world, while the Fascination System gauges how the world sees you.

In other words, it provides a clear picture of your personality brand.

The test consists of 28 questions and takes only 3 to 5 minutes to complete.  After it’s processed, you receive a detailed report outlining your fascination triggers and personality archetype.

The report includes a description of your competitive advantages, areas of weakness, and a step-by-step action plan to help you captivate clients naturally… and avoid turning them off!

In case you’re wondering, there are 7 fascination triggers – 7 different ways in which we garner attention, influence and persuade others.

Each of us exercises these triggers in different proportions – with one primary and one secondary trigger.  We also have a dormant trigger – the one relied on least – that’s most likely to make us break into a sweat!

So what are the 7 triggers?  Without giving too much away, they are:

  • Power – if you have this primary trigger, you’re in command of your environment
  • Passion – if it’s passion, your are likely to be expressive, intuitive and dynamic
  • Mystique – you will fascinate by keeping the focus on results, carefully selecting what you reveal
  • Prestige – this trigger creates ambitious, discerning, detail oriented and strong-willed personalities
  • Alarm – people with this primary trigger keep their teams focused on structure, deadlines and the potential for negative outcomes when veering off track
  • Rebellion – this trigger enables “out of the box” thinking, leading to new creative solutions
  • Trust – if this is your main trigger, your build loyalty with dependability

It’s the particular combination of primary and secondary triggers that defines our personality archetype.  With 7 by 7 possible combinations, there are 49 distinct archetypes.

Of course, two people with the same archetype may have different dormant triggers.  Regardless, your archetype accurately depicts how the world see’s you.

The Fascination Advantage will show you what your main triggers are.  You’ll have the information you need to formulate strategies that will fascinate and win the battle for your prospects’ attention.

And you’ll fascinate them in 9 seconds or less!

For example, my primary trigger is Mystique.  Mystique correctly casts me as someone who is perceived as understated, complex and deliberate.

It’s true.  I generally won’t share an opinion until I’ve had ample time to mull over the data.  You know, a logical approach.  And when I do voice my perspective, I’ll usually keep much of my analysis to myself.  Just give them what they need.  No more and no less.

And I prefer working in isolation.  Like I said, I dislike crowds.

My secondary trigger, Passion, suggests that I’m expressive, intuitive and can be impulsive, but it’s the primary trigger that dominates.  The two meld into the archetype known as The Subtle Touch.  It’s a unique personality brand present in only 2% of the population.

I won’t fascinate you with all the details of my report.  But wow, it’s uncannily on target!  I plan to use everything I know about The Subtle Touch to fascinate in all my future marketing.

Moreover, I’m so impressed by the power of the Fascination Advantage and it’s potential to help my clients score big, I’m toying with insisting they take the test.  I’ll use the results in concert with my research about their products to help me write their copy in their voice.

Copy that rocks.  Copy that fascinates their audience, that makes the sale, closes the deal.

‘Cause it’s no longer good enough to be best, not if nobody knows your there.  You can only win if you fascinate.

Check out The Fascination Marketing System.*  While you’re there, take the test and use what you learn to boost your influence and carry the day.  Every day.


*No, I’m not an affiliate and I receive no commission for any purchase you make at How To Fascinate.





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