Why you need a major league player to write your copy and what to look for when you scout for one

You have an exciting idea for a great new product.  Or it’s developed, packaged and ready for launch.  Your market research is complete.

So what’s left?  What stands between you and home plate?

Having a great product and a tightly targeted list may get you up to bat.  But in today’s game, information overload will more than likely strike you out.

So what will it take to hit a home run?


It’ll take sizzling, white hot copy that triggers all the right emotions and drives your prospects to the point of frenzy.

Like rabid fans after a Ruthian blast clinches the game in the bottom of the ninth.

You want them screaming mad for the only bona fide solution – your solution – to their most frustrating problem.

Who’s gonna write it?

A smokin’ copywriter who knows how to crawl inside their skin.

Someone who’s made the investment in training from the best – AWAI.

If you’re an information marketer, you want a copywriter who speaks your language.

Who doesn’t miss the pitch when you talk about the back end, ascension and the information marketing pyramid.

Better yet, one that’s Dan Kennedy certified.

And if your product is a nutritional supplement or a health related gizmo, you’ll best be served by a copywriter who really knows health, human physiology and nutrition.

It’ll take more than a bazooka arm hurler to beat a practicing MD at his own game.

So when you’re ready to play ball, make sure you have someone from the big leagues on your team… The Copy MD.

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