“There is no business problem – or any problem, really – that can’t be solved with a really good sales letter.” – Gary Halbert

Writing for the Web and SEO

Gary Halbert’s timeless insight applies just as much today as it did before the Internet became the world’s principal mode of commerce. Because people still make buying decisions on the basis of emotion.

But before they’ll purchase your solutions to their problems, you’ll have to attract their attention and earn their trust.

And it’s no longer a question of whether to market offline or online because a web presence is a must.  A well designed website will bring new prospects to you, convert them into buyers, and keep your loyal customers engaged.

You have a website, right?

If not, let’s build one for you.

The Copy MD can help you launch your website from scratch.  And The Copy MD will work with you and your web designer to:

  • raise your search engine rankings – so you’re more likely to be found by qualified buyers or clients.
  • improve your site’s usability – so your visitors spend more time getting to know all about you and your offers.

More on that shortly, but first, let’s define the two basic types of web copy – copywriting and content writing.

Web copywriting – like direct mail – uses direct response principles to capture attention, paint a picture, make a promise and then an offer.  And ultimately make a sale.

This is often accomplished with a standalone Sales Landing Page (sometimes called a microsite), or one that integrates into a larger, comprehensive website.

Web content, on the other hand, provides your visitors with information they’re hungry for that gradually educates, establishes your authority, builds trust and ultimately converts them into customers.

If you’re wise, your web content will include a frequently updated cache of attention grabbing articles and an entertaining blog – both designed to foster return visits, build your list, and make more sales.

But sales won’t happen if your website has no traffic.

You can secure landing page traffic with pay per click and banner ads. But the best way to drive visitors to your main business portal is with carefully composed copy using best SEO practices.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization boosts the chances potential clients and customers will find you when they begin their search.

It starts with an exhaustive keyphrase strategy that builds access to your site around the very terms your prospects type on their keyboards when starting an online search.

But what can really send your site rank soaring is the regular posting of highly relevant, fun to read content.  And while links to and from other authoritative sites can help, they mustn’t be artificially generated.

Your web writer must be thoroughly versed in SEO fundamentals and should stay abreast of changes in SEO practices.  This is absolutely critical if the web-based segment of your business is going to thrive.

So if you want your web based business to thrive, hire a web writer with an industry endorsed SEO certification from Success Works – like The Copy MD.

Autoresponder Emails

Wonder what happens to your online visitors when they don’t make a buy decision?  Wish you had another chance to make ‘em an offer?

Easy… if you collected their contact info when they first dropped in.

Give them something of value – a free report, a free ebook, a free consultation – and in exchange you’ll have carte blanche to knock on their doors with updates and offers.

You do this with an autoresponder email series – a series of warm, friendly, relevant messages automatically delivered every several days.

That way you stay in their inner circle.  So when their ready, they’ll come straight to you with credit card in hand.

But like direct mail, getting your prospects to open your email and read it requires more than a touch of copywriting magic.

You see, writing dynamic autoresponders that grab attention and produce results is almost an art form… and some consider it a copywriting niche all its own.

No need to worry.  The Copy MD has you covered.

If your marketing plan calls for it, I’ll create a delightful, sure to get opened email series that’ll keep ’em coming back.

Website Analysis

So you have a website but your visitors bounce as soon as they arrive.  Or it’s just not generating the sales you expected.

Your website’s health is failing!

The Copy MD offers a comprehensive, page-by-page website evaluation.

What will you get?

  1. A meticulous review of your site’s usability
  2. A detailed assessment of your site’s strengths as well as opportunities for improvement
  3. Specific recommendations, including customized SEO and content marketing plans to boost traffic and on site conversions

You’ll know exactly what needs fixing.

If you follow The Copy MD’s prescription, you’ll see a huge boost in your website’s performance. And sales will follow.

Direct Mail Sales Letters

Do you think advertising by mail is ancient history?  Think again.

Research commissioned by the US Postal Service and conducted by comScore clearly links increased online purchases – to the tune of a 163 percent spike in revenue – to direct mail and print catalogs.

Having a piece of direct mail or a catalog in hand puts your message front and center, encouraging your prospects and customers to visit your website when they’re ready to take action.

Contrast that with an online search where your prospect may be inundated with competitor’s ads.  If you’ve done your homework and mailed to a carefully targeted list, you’ll see a boost in prequalified traffic to your sales landing page.

Although a direct mail campaign can be costly, the ROI can be generous, especially when selling higher priced items or ascending your customer base.

That’s why the big boys still do it – like Agora, Boardroom and GKIC.

So don’t give up on direct mail.

Instead, let The Copy MD write a sizzling, profit boosting package to sell more of your products, fill your seminar seats, and keep your clients hungry for more.

Contact The Copy MD now for more info on how to grow your business.

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