3 Step Process…

… for Healthy Copy that Delivers Healthy Profits

When designing your new marketing plan, we’ll use a 3 step process that’s worked well in the practice of medicine: Examination, Diagnosis, and Prescription.

Does that sound boring?

Maybe… but it gets results!


We’ll start with the basics, defining the problem you and your products address so well.

Then we’ll construct detailed profiles of your products (including all their features, advantages and benefits), and your clients.  These profiles will form the basis of your successful campaign.

Next, we’ll take a look at your current marketing materials, including a web site analysis to see what needs fixing.


After a complete examination we’ll have a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not.

Do your current promotions fascinate?  Do they showcase your core advantage?  In other words, do your promos demonstrate why YOU offer the best solutions?

And is your web presence optimized with eye popping content and best SEO practices?

You may have answers that solve real problems, but no one will know if your marketing is ignored.


Now it’s time to take what we’ve learned about your business and devise a remedy tailored just for you.  We’ll use every instrument in the doctor’s bag to compose each strategic piece.

Sounds a little corny, I know. Then again, the prescription will be uniquely yours, developed around the genuine strengths of your personality, business and products.


Let me broadcast your message with spellbinding passion.  You’ll keep more of your customers engaged and add many new ones to your fold.

No doubt about it, you’ll generate a lot more sales and have a whole lot more fun doin’ it!